Post-run Yoga

Here are a few posture ideas that you can do post-class or on your rest days. These postures are specifically chosen to stretch muscle groups that are particularly solicited while running, and to counteract the negative effects of repeated movements.

1. Iliotibial band

Variation #1: Cross-legged flexion
Squeeze the thighs inward and allow the head to relax completely.

Variation #2: On the back, legs crossed
Cross the upper leg, keeping the buttocks firmly pressed against the floor.

2. Gluteus minimus, gluteus medius, gluteus maximus

Variation #1: Chair position, opening up the hip
Make sure the foot is flexed

Variation #2: On the back in the chair position, opening up the hip
Exhale for a deeper stretch

3. Quadriceps and psoas

Point the coccyx toward the floor and tighten the abdominal wall.

Protect the knees by doubling the mat or using a blanket.

4. Pectorals

Variation #1: Camel
Keep the hips above the knees. Point the chest upward.

Variation #2: Bridge
Place your feet parallel to your pelvis, hip-width apart, keeping the knees and toes pointing in the same direction.

Tighten the buttocks in both variations in order to protect the back
Excellent for reinforcing the upper back muscles

5. Hamstrings

Variation #1: Modified pyramid
With both legs extended, release the upper body toward the thighs.

Variation #2: Demi-split
Keep the pelvis above the back leg, curl the toes toward the face.

Eve’s style




Eve Guilbert

Yoga teacher at Wanderlust and Énergie Cardio, Lolë ambassador for three years

I discovered yoga in 2008. Having done ballet from childhood to adolescence, I found in yoga the same benefits that dance brought me, and even more. In 2009, I started teaching different styles to group classes in fitness centres. This experience was very rewarding to me because, among other things, it helped develop my confidence. Meanwhile, my passion for yoga has grown steadily. Last year, I made the best decision of my life, which was to follow the Wanderlust teacher training. What I want more than anything is to continue to learn and to help students through the practice of yoga.

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