Preventing Runner’s Knee

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These exercises will help strengthen your hips (gluteus medius) and stretch your outer thigh (iliotibial band) to help improve the tracking of your knee cap.


a. Roll out IT band

What you need: Foam roller or tennis ball

What it does: Helps loosen your outer thigh

How to do it: Place a foam roller (or tennis ball) on the ground. Place the side of your right thigh on the roller, bending your left leg and placing your foot on the ground for balance. Supporting yourself with your right arm, roll yourself over the roller down to just above your knee to all the way up to your hip. Roll up and down for a couple of minutes, pausing on tender spots to help release them. Switch sides. Always remember to use your pain as a guide; this will be uncomfortable but stay within your tolerance.



b. Side Lying Hip Abduction

What it does: Strengthens your outer hip (gluteus medius)

How to do it: Lie on your right side and prop yourself up on your right elbow, legs and hips stacked. Keeping your left leg straight with a flexed foot, try to lengthen your leg as much as possible (trying to reach the wall with your heel). Lift your left leg about and inch and hike your left hip by shortening the distance between your ribcage and hip then drop your hip by increasing the distance between your ribcage and hip. Repeat five times. On the last rep, keep your hip in the dropped position and lift your left leg about 10 inches, hold for a second, lower and repeat 10 times. Switch sides. Do two sets.