Reading by the fireplace

Reading by the Fireplace


OMG it is COLD, make sure your Lolë coat is zipped up! As for me, well hibernation season has started. Luckily, I recently moved to a new place with a fireplace and plan on spending a lot of time reading by it. After all, winter is the ideal season to read. If you do not have a fireplace, do not despair. A cozy armchair may do the trick (even better with a blanket or Snuggie), you can search for places with fireplaces in your city (cafes, inns, hotel lobbies, even some libraries) or you can borrow a friend’s (go for a “visit”, bring some food and just swoop in). As to what to read, here are some genre suggestions.


Romance Novels:  What better way to stave off the cold than by delving into the steamy lives of our heroines and heroes? The romance novel industry is extremely vast and there is something for everyone: historical, sci-fi, mythical, contemporary, etc. Stories are like salsa, they can go from mild to extra hot!


Mysteries: Few genres have the ability to capture your attention like mystery does. Once you start, you won’t want to stop until the killer is caught, making mysteries the ideal companion for a lazy weekend.

You can go for cozies, if you are looking for something fun and light, or you can go with thrillers and police procedural for something more intense. Mystery books often come in series (making choosing your next book super easy) and are very popular in public libraries.


The Classics: These books often require a lot of time and attention so they are a wonderful indoor project. Who can get cabin fever when facing 1400 plus pages of Tolstoy’s War and Peace or going through Jane Austen’s works? These books are also easy to get. They are often inexpensive at bookstores, available at public libraries and many can be downloaded/read online for free because their copyright has expired.


Biographies: It is always interesting to learn more about famous/relevant people. You can choose from autobiographies (written by the subject), authorized biographies (written by someone else but approved by the subject) or unauthorized biographies (written by someone else and not approved by the subject). If you want to make it even more interesting, compare different biographies about the same person.


Stay warm and have good winter!


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