Isn’t it Time to See Clearly? Try Yoga for Your Eyes

This summer, Canada’s largest and longest-standing online optical retailer, partnered with the Lolë White Tour to extend yoga for the body and mind to your eyes.

The eyes are the windows to our soul, and the way we see the world, so taking care of them is important to our overall well-being. After all, we spend so much of our time focussing on visual information, that taking our eyes through a few simple movements several times a day can improve our eye health, and our productivity.

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Yoga for your eyes

Your 3 Minutes Daily Eye Yoga Challenge

Eye Stretching (1 minute)

Stretching your eye muscles can help to increase circulation.

Relax and allow your head to remain still while working the eyes through a series of movements. Hold your gaze in each direction for 2 seconds. Repeat the cycle for one minute.

yoga for your eyes
Focus Shifting (1 minute)

Cover one eye and look at text/screen close to you. Trace the letters with your eye for 20 seconds. Keep eye covered and look off into the distance, focus on an object and trace it. Then cover opposite eye and repeat.

You can use this focus shifting daily.

Follow the 20–20–20 rule, take a 20-second break from the screen every 20 minutes and look at something 20 feet away.

yoga for your eyes
Palming Your Eyes (1 minute)

With so much light stimulation surrounding us, providing your eyes a dark moment of rest can be invigorating.

Start by rubbing your hands together to create warmth in your palms.

Rest your elbows on a desk or table, close your eyes and place your palms over your closed eyes.

Cover for one minute or more while taking deep breaths.

yoga for your eyes
Interested in doing even more for your eyes?
Blue Reflect lenses are like sunglasses for your digital life!

Eye strain happens to all of us, especially when we are exposed to the artificial blue light from our digital lives. This happens for people who do and do not wear corrective lenses. By using specially coated lenses, you can help reduce the contrast and eye strain, filtering out some of the harmful blue light and letting beneficial light through.

At Clearly you can make any frame styles into Blue Reflect Lenses. Clearly uses a special coating that helps reflects the harmful blue light emitted from our digital screens – and the best part: you don’t need a prescription to have this benefit.

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And don’t forget to visit your eye care professional at least once every two years to have an eye exam and check in on your overall eye health. Your eye care professional can also provide tips and recommendations to relieve eye strain.

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yoga for your eyes
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