Self-Care Sunday: A Practical Guide

In October, we often feel like staying home where it’s nice and cozy. So enjoy it! This is the perfect opportunity to take time for yourself. One of our ambassadors, Gabrielle Coulter, has created a compilation of simple tips to making self-care a part of your weekly routine during the Fall.

Self-Care Sunday: A Practical Guide

Self-care has become all the rage thanks to social media posts with the hashtags #selfcare and #selfcaresunday. But what does self-care look like and how do we get started? Below, I have created a “Self-Care Sunday: A Practical Guide”: A compilation of simple tips to making self-care a part of your weekly routine. But first, pour yourself some tea, get comfortable and read on!

self care sunday
1. Find Your Happy Place and Set Up Camp

Whether you are a nature lover, a homebody or a museum aficionado, there is no lack of inspiring places to visit. We sometimes forget to set aside time to explore and play. If you love the outdoors, find hiking trails or botanical gardens in your area. Love art and architecture? Check out a museum or library. Adventures feed our creative energy and remind us to take a much-needed break from the daily grind. Not sure where to start? Check out the article Walking, a Hop, Skip, and a Jump Back to Healthy Habits, because walking is something most of us have the privilege of doing every day.

BONUS POINT: Get outside and into nature! Connect with the Earth, breathe fresh air and most importantly, get away from the many screens that surround you. Leave your phone at home!

2. Determine Your “Soul Feeding” Activities and Make Them a Priority

Every person has certain activities that light them up; the things that make them forget the clock and truly surrender to the moment. It can be dancing, yoga, playing with dogs, making model airplanes. These moments of joy feed our energy and lust for life.

Whatever that activity is for you, spend time doing it at least once a week. And while you are at it, treat yourself to something nice to wear. My favourite go-to outfit? An oversized t-shirt and the Lolë Olivie pants!

3. Get Moving

The benefits of physical activity range from cardio vascular health to combatting depression and anxiety. While rest is a huge component of self-care, so is using your body in a loving and mindful way.

BONUS POINT: Looking to try a new group fitness class? Try one of the free Lolë women meet-ups! Check out the Lolë fitness blog and contact the Lolë atelier closest to you for their monthly meet-up times.

4. Eat Well and Amp Up the Hydration

One of the best practices we can have is making healthy food choices and staying well hydrated. This means delicious whole grains, lots of fruits and veggies, lean proteins and a minimum of two litres of pure water a day. Need motivation to drink those two litres of water? Check out my favourite water bottle, the I GLOW bottle from Lolë. I never leave home without it.

5. Learn the True Meaning of Rest defines rest as: a) the refreshing quiet or repose of sleep b) refreshing ease or inactivity after exertion or labour. We ignore our bodies’ need for rest by multitasking and being constantly “on the move.” As important as physical activity is to self-care and to overall health, so is the ability to shut down your engine and take a quiet time to recuperate. So, do yourself a favour, kick your feet up with a delicious snack, read a good book or simply close your eyes and listen to the sounds around you. Your body, mind and soul will thank you for it.

self care sunday

self care sunday
  • Isabelle Moncion
Gabrielle Coulter

Gabrielle Coulter is both a choreographer and a healing educator across various forms of movement. She has been actively involved in the fitness industry for about fifteen years. Her curriculum includes contemporary dance, yoga fusion, YogaJam, GROOVE, and movement therapy for physical and emotional rehabilitation.

Passionate about health and well-being, Gabrielle recently contributed to the emergence of a dance and yoga community in Gaspé. She has been in charge of various philanthropic projects, including fundraisers for L’Aid-Elle, Accueil Blanche Goulet and, a non-profit organization based in Montreal bringing education to girls and young women in economically disadvantaged places.

Follow me on instagram @gabthesavage

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self care sunday
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