No shoes, no books, big problem

No Shoes, No Books, Big Problem


Long before buying my e-reader, I was the crazy person that packed nine books for a one-week vacation (I also packed the same amount of shoes but that’s a story for another time). See, I’m an introvert who gets bored easily and reads crazy fast so I was constantly worried about not having enough reading material.  What if I didn’t like some of the books I took? I know I’m not alone in this, choosing reading material for your vacation can be a tough chore.


Short Stories


If you are like me and have a hard time putting down a book before the end, anthologies may be what you need.  Anthologies are collections of short stories unrelated to one another. Even if you read a whole story in one sitting, these books will last longer than novel. Also, anthologies are great when you are busy sightseeing and keeping track becomes difficult.  Because the stories are short you can always go back a do a quick re-cap of what you’ve read.  Anthologies are present in almost all genres.


Historical Fiction


If you are traveling around the Old World, historical fiction may be a great choice. Choose one set in your destination and enjoy visiting the places mentioned in the book. Do they match what you picture in your head? Also these heavily researched and descriptive books are a great way to learn to about the cities you’ll be visiting.




You are already taking some well-deserved time off, why not use the momentum to do something good for yourself? Vacations are the perfect time to work on YOU.  The lack of a story or a big ending will make these books easy to ready in smaller installments and because there is no story you don’t need to read them chronologically. Throw caution to the wind and read the book in whichever way you want. Remember, it is all about YOU!




If space and logistics are an issue (e.g. you are standing on a train, holding on to your luggage for dear life; you want to read but your hostel roommates want to sleep) an audiobook maybe ideal.  They are also great to block outside noise and help you fall asleep. I used to keep Bill Bryson’s A Short History of Nearly Everything on my mp3 player for that exact purpose.


Anything in Paperback


If you are still set bringing print books make sure you take paperbacks. They are lighter, smaller and cheaper so you will not be sad to leave them behind once you are done with them (if needed).


Share is Caring


Last but not least share your books with fellow travelers. Many hotels and hostels have a Take a Book/Leave a Book shelf. If you make friends during your trip check what they have, they may be as desperate as you for reading material and will be amenable to an exchange.


Bon voyage!


Not convinced ? Have a read at Marcela’s advice on how to begin reading.

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