Summer Outdoor and Lolë White Yoga Session

Summer outdoor fitness events

Summer outdoor Fitness and Lolë White Yoga Session


Go Play Outside!


Trading in your snow boots for flip-flops or fitness kicks signals a new season and a chance to exercise outside. If you’re like me, you might enjoy a casual fitness outing on your own (I walk outdoors every day with my dog).


But when it comes to other types of outdoor workouts, you might prefer to seek out opportunities that connect you with friends and your community and allow you to meet new people. Summer just happens to be the perfect time to get involved with outdoor fitness.


Here are four types of community-driven fitness events worth venturing outside for this spring and summer.


Lolë White Yoga Session:

If you’ve spent any time on the Lolë website, you already know about the Lolë White Yoga Session™ – a chance for like-minded women to come together and be active in an urban setting, spreading well-being and peace as a community. Oh, and you also get to dress in a cute white Lolë outfit. I’m waiting eagerly for White Yoga to one day roll into Vancouver, where I live – if it does, I’ll be there ready to embrace the sharing and serenity of such an inspiring outdoor summer event. As of now, Lolë’s next White Yoga sessions will be held in Toronto, Montreal, and Paris.


Marathons / Half Marathons:

The appearance of spring and summer every year means you’ll see marathons being held in many major cities. If you’re an avid runner – or just an extremely goal-oriented exerciser – you might relish this opportunity to really kick up your fitness efforts. Marathons are also a chance to take an outdoor workout that you might be doing solo most or all the time and connect it to a community of people all out there to do their best and support others. Of course, for those who aren’t ready to commit to 26.2 miles anytime soon (that’s me raising my hand!), there’s the more forgiving half-marathon or even a 10K event.


Charity Runs and Walks:

What better way to integrate fitness into your routine than to train and raise funds for a charity event? Charity workouts encourage you to exercise outdoors as you work toward a common purpose with others.

I love that you can choose to participate on a variety of levels from a short 1KM walk to a more intensive commitment, such as the two-day, 60 KM course organized by the Shoppers Drug Mart® Weekend to End Women’s Cancers™.  To find an upcoming race or charity event, check out My Next Race.


Outdoor Workout Classes and Bootcamps:

There’s nothing quite like doing a spirited set of burpees in the great outdoors with fresh air and warm summer breezes to spur you on … I’ve attended bootcamps in a gym and also in an open field, and I’d say the outdoor workout classes and bootcamps are always a little nicer (except when there’s heavy rain, sleet or Arctic-cold wind). Plus, there’s something about doing a summer outdoor bootcamp in a field or playground that makes you feel like a kid: You’re running around in the grass, perhaps working as a team with other bootcampers. You might get dirt on your clothes – and that’s fine. You’re probably focused on the moment. Sounds like playing outside!


What do you do to play outside in the summer? Tell us about the outdoor fitness-related events you love.

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