TedEX femmes at Mont Tremblant


I had heard of TedEx before, in fact, I subscribe to the iTunes podcast and often listen in on my public transportation commute. Always “ideas worth spreading.” Always amazing speakers. Always inspiring people that seem so unreachable… But nothing’s out of reach when we stretch a bit, so I rented a car, and headed North East to the Grand Lodge de Mont-Tremblant.


I was en route to the very first TedEX Femmes at Mont Tremblant, Quebec. The conference was the first among its counterparts to be allowed its name in French, the first of its kind in the area, and the first live TedEx experience for me.


I can assure you, it will not be my last one!


TEDxWomen are TEDx events centered around women and women’s issues. Last year’s episode was curated and produced by the Paley Center for Media, and hosted international live webcasts, while featuring live conferences by local speakers in several cities across the world.


TEDx Mont Tremblant Femmes, fully organized by Lolë’s ambassador and friend Janick Leonard, was one of the many happenings around the globe between November 30th and December 1st, 2012.

The modest, yet lively crowd gathered in a conference room and devoured a full day of outstanding presentations. Live broadcasts of conferences world wide, notably the one by Charlotte Beers, and young Shabana Basij-Rasikh’s, trickled in on a screen. Amazing women left their sits amongst the spectators and took to the stage: Isabelle Challut, Louise Guay, Lolë’s own Laura Warf, Geneviève Young and Jennifer Cooke. From my place on the viewers side, I learned about Le Féminin 3.0, touched base with the space between stress and bliss where each breath gives my brain a break, found the strength to change the world and finally floated away in the sound of M’Michèle’s electronic harp.

Most importantly, TEDx Mont Tremblant Femmes offered me a possibility to connect with new and amazing individuals. In a lucky twist of fate, presenter Louise Guay was in need of a ride back to Montreal and my rental had a few vacant sits. All of a sudden, inspiring people that seem so unreachable were within reach. And all I needed to do was stretch out…


Thanks Janick for such a fantastic opportunity! I look forward to a 2013 edition.

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