The 1001 benefits of meditation and how to integrate it into a busy schedule

We all know that nothing is more beneficial to maintaining good health than staying physically active, but we often forget that our brain, like a muscle, also requires us to take care of it by exercising it regularly. It is scientifically proven that practising meditation reduces stress and anxiety as well as improves concentration, sleep, memory, self-esteem and creativity, and even our daily social behaviours. Being healthy means having a healthy mind in a healthy body.

“I challenge people to try meditation. It is an excellent counterweight to training in the way in which it exercises the mind in all ways possible. Nowadays, it is difficult to let go of many things. Practising meditation helps to refocus and identify our desires and what we really need.”

— Meghan (@meghanyuriyoung)

So, ready to take on Meghan’s challenge?

No excuses, as even a session as short as 10 minutes a day has the potential to arouse all of the aforementioned benefits. Try meditation for yourself is much easier than it seems: follow these few practical tips and that’s it!

1. Plan your sessions

It is sometimes too easy to succumb to the very unfortunate excuse of “I do not have the time today”. To avoid forgetting or skipping your daily meditation session, make an appointment! Determine which time of the day is the most appropriate for you—getting up in the morning, before dinner time, arriving home after work —and pencil it down in your agenda at the same time every day.

2. Comfort above all

It’s difficult to concentrate on anything when our clothes are too tight or annoy us. To properly meditate and avoid unpleasant distractions, first put on your softest and most comfortable outfit !

3. Find your pose

There are many ways to meditate and, because of that, a multitude of poses to adopt. Familiarize yourself with the different classical postures and choose the one that seems like the most pleasant… Or vary according to your mood!

4. Practice mindfulness

A particularly busy schedule today? You can meditate while accomplishing something else! Mindfulness is a form of meditation which consists in concentrating all of your attention on the present moment. Awake your senses and focus for a few minutes on a small object, a part of your body or even your own breathing, and you’ll be able to say, “mission accomplished”.

5. Learn to disconnect

You can’t always protect yourself from noise and distractions, but it is always possible to create an environment conducive to calm. Sit in a familiar, warm place where you feel good, then turn off all of your electronics before you begin your meditation session. It will be much more efficient!

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