The 5 Commandments of Running

Winter is coming to an end (we cannot wait!) and you can already foresee the beautiful spring days, when you’re able to practise your favourite sport: running! Or maybe this year will be the one where you discover this wonderful activity. To fight the winter blues, why not prepare to start the season properly. Here are five commands that all good runners must know in order to start running on the right foot. 😉

1. Well dressed, you will be


At the beginning of the season, the days are still fresh, so the multi-layer system is still in order. Lolë offers a fantastic collection for runners this year! My favourites? The GLEE coat features a windproof panel at the front and a technical fabric at the sleeves to allow moisture to escape. It also has a rear pocket with a zipper to slide in your cell phone and keys. My second favourite is the NIA legging, with its glossy finish and elegant cut; it is both beautiful and hyper comfortable. It also has a back pocket to carry your essentials.

How do we know if we are wearing enough clothes?

You must feel a little shiver as you begin your session. Your body temperature will increase after 10 minutes in motion and will allow you to feel comfortable as you keep going.

2. The right running technique, you will adopt

First, to set your running speed, rely on the speech test. The first mistake when running is often to start too quickly. If you are able to maintain a conversation or sing, your speed is suitable to begin with.

For the technique, it is preferable to use a short stride length with a shorter step. Try to land smoothly and lay your foot close to your body. Keep your shoulders and arms relaxed, and look forward.

3. A good relaxation routine, you will practice

When practising physical activity, it is to be expected that frequent repetition of a movement increases tension on the joints and tendons used. It’s essential to add stretching and relaxation sessions to your daily schedule. The frequency of the sessions is important, so allow 10 minutes every day to stretch the muscles used when you run. Hold each position for 45 to 60 seconds, taking the time to relax and breathe.


Point the toes towards the face, keep the back straight and move the trunk forward.

The psoas:

Bring the pelvis forward, lengthen the spine.

Calves and Achilles tendon:

1. Bring the pelvis forward, heel in contact with the ground, back leg extended.
2. Flexion of the back leg.

4. A realistic goal, you will choose

To set your goal well, you need to know your starting point. Your level of fitness, previous sporting experiences, physical limitations, and the amount of time you want to practise are all things to consider before you get started. The goal you choose should be just hard enough to motivate you without discouraging you. It must also be precise and limited in time for you to celebrate when you reach it.

5. “Pleasure first”, will be your mantra

Running is a great way to reduce stress and feel good; it should never become a stressor. And if motivation goes down, what do we do? We share our goal with our entourage to find support, we invite a friend to run with us. You can also join a running club near you. The Lolë boutiques offer free weekly running sessions which you can join. So, are you going to come running?

Valérie’s style




Valérie Chouinard-Audette

Valérie Chouinard-Audette is a kinesiologist at home in the Greater Montreal area and a Lolë Ambassador for running. Her watchword, when she tries something new, is pleasure! Her objective: to help you find the activity that will excite you and that make you move on a daily basis. Find her on Instagram.

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