The Anti Stress Method in 3 Easy Steps

The daily life is made up of ups and downs, beautiful surprises and unexpected events. Although stress is a natural reaction in the body, it comes with its share of negative consequences and often threatens our well-being in the short or long term. Fortunately, even if nobody is truly stress-free and we all react differently to it, there are many ways to keep it away from us, or at least learn to master it.

There is “Work, work, work”, “Eat, pray, love” … and then there is our infallible method to counter the stress: relax, move, sleep!

1. Relax

Every day, take time to enjoy a moment of relaxation, even for a few minutes, in order to refocus.

Relaxing is an art, and Sandy (@theprettysecrets) seems to have mastered it: “Working from home can sometimes be stressful, which is why I always make sure to make time to regain my inner calm. Whether it is a little yoga trip in the mountains or a few minutes of meditation on my balcony, I constantly look for relaxing moments to attract an energy opposite to that of my work environment.”

If you can’t get out of the office, try these few stretching exercises you can do at work without having to leave your chair!

2. Move

The best cure for stress is physical activity! Whatever your preferred exercise, practice it for at least 20 minutes a day at moderate intensity, and your body will secrete a small, miraculous hormone called endorphin. It will fill your body with a widespread feeling of well-being, which will scare stress and anxiety away in time to spell “endorphin”!

“To brighten up your workout, I advise you to wear trendy, comfortable clothes. Here are some of my favourites, made with a deeply breathable fabric!” – Cindy (@cindycournoyer)

3. Sleep


A restful sleep is absolutely essential to feel good, both in your body and your mind.

1. Ensure that your room is an environment conducive to sleep: a comfortable, dark, silent and well-tempered place.

2. Decrease your caffeine intake. Even several hours before going to bed, coffee, tea, energy drinks or chocolate can have an impact on the quality of your sleep.

3. An hour before going to bed, disconnect from the Internet, television, your smart phone or any other electronic device. Favour reading, meditation, a good relaxing bath, etc.

4. Maintain a regular sleep cycle. It is quite fitting to sleep an extra hour or two over the weekend, but you should never go too far from your usual schedule.

During a busy time, never underestimate the power of a good nap! Far from being reserved for children, they are a great way to reduce your stress level and improve your productivity for the rest of the day.