The Blue Heaven Inside Our Soul – Gulf of Siam

I asked the Doc if his scale was accurate. Yes Spot on. I started to remove bracelets, earrings and finally the designer necklace. Surely the silver and turquoise weighed something of the 6 kilos extra now staring me in the face.


I had research to do in the Far East about a film idea on alternative health solutions in face of the crisis now upon us. I packed my suitcase and flew to the Gulf of Siam, where I checked myself into a Fasting/Detox mecca.  There, I began a 7-day detox fast which I prayed secretly would have me looking like a Greek Goddess by the end of it, or at worse a distant cousin.


Days were filled with supplements to swallow and psyllium-bentonite shakes to drink and health manifestos like ‘Live to Eat. Eat to Live” to embrace.  There were courses in Astrology, Reiki, and releasing energy.  One Healer even offered courses with the possibility to contact Angels.  And blessed, there were two glorious 20- gallon coffee enemas to perform by one self in the privacy of one’s bungalow. Lets just say that the Spa Samui lived up to its reputation whose slogan reads: SHIT HAPPENS!


Only the smiling nation of Thai people could make enemas fun and effortless. While locked away in my little jungle, for 7 days and 7 nights I meditated on my coffee and potato chip breakfasts while on assignment last summer, and all those delicious vintage bottles of red wine consumed with my friends. No need to win a Nobel Prize in order to figure out that I was a toxic time-bomb of stress, bad eating habits and perpetual worry over the world’s state of affair.


I was never hungry in all the 7 days, except I admit that on day 4, I did ask to inhale the aroma of a little boy’s pizza. And on day 5 I dreamed of biting a fish while swimming into the deep blue. I observed the bags under my eyes melt away, the pain in my hip disappear and the kilos fall away.


With all the talk in the media of the ensuing energy crisis, failing austerity programs, rising unemployment, I might have gained 6 kilos in weight and at least a 100 kilos in mental.  Shedding those extra kilos is one thing, but its not enough if you can’t get rid of the mental weight.


More than anything else, it was the Power Meditation sessions I was doing that transformed me.  The detox had already begun to work wonders but Power meditation turned me into a vessel of incredible lightness, capable of such divine reveries that I walked (rather levitated) around in an extended state of Bliss.  Power meditation helps channel the positive and powerful energy inside oneself as well as restore concentration and strengthen our will. Its the ultimate voyage to our abyss and back, a way to re-visit happiness with loved one’s, or stand again amidst the Himalayan foothills knowing in one’s heart that the world will march on just as it always has. It helps us find the map that leads to the blue heaven inside our soul.