The Right Bikini Fit For You

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Bathing suit season can be terrifying. No matter your size or age, stripping down to that itty bitty, teeny weeny bathing suit is a little overwhelming. I am here to save the day! The perfect suit is just around the corner and finding that perfect fit is easy (with the right guidance).


The Argentina Tankini is pretty much every girl’s best friend. It has complete coverage and yet it is sexy and fun. If your mid-section is not your favorite part, this bathing suit is the perfect answer. It allows you to be comfortable hanging out by the poolside or playing volleyball on the beach. The extra coverage makes it possible to be active, but also keeps you looking cool just lounging around.


The Oahu Halter Top is a great choice for a gal with a larger bust. It is difficult to find bikini tops that provide enough material to make anyone above a C cup comfortable. No girl wants to worry about slippage! This extremely supportive halter keeps everything in place and yet leaves room for a bit of cleavage.


The Tropical Bottom is not for the faint of heart. It is the sexy string bikini bottom that every girl strives to own. This option is for the lady that knows her best assets are her bum and legs. Pair it with a bikini top to show off your fabulous shape or a tankini top to focus more on your bottom half.


You are now ready to begin your bathing suit season confidently! Like everything in fashion, it all begins with the fit (no matter how much material you are working with). Choose a style that is flattering and sexy, but most of all, make sure you are comfortable. The summer awaits!