Tips for Beating the Winter Blues

We all know that winter often means short days, the flu, cold weather that makes you want to stay home, and quite often…gloom. This is pretty normal but I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve for beating the winter blues.

Tips For Beating the Winter Blues

beating the winter blues

1. Cooking

Whether just for me or for my friends, there’s nothing better than getting a bunch of groceries and preparing comfort foods. It can be for a dinner with friends or a cosy Sunday evening. I also love planning healthy and vitamin-filled meals to give me the energy I need to face the week (and the grey skies). All winter, I make smoothies (in the morning) and particularly soups, by the dozens. (I make a big batch once a week, freeze and alternate.) It’s time to spoil yourself with your favourite soups! Mine is a winter vegetable soup. It is made of carrots, sweet potatoes, leeks and coconut milk (with curry on the days when I feel wild). I also put roasted, slivered almonds on top when I feel like it. So simple and delicious!

2. Drinking tea

What’s more pleasant than drinking a chaï latte to break up a Saturday afternoon of shopping in the cold, a big cup of tea to start the day or a soothing chamomile infusion before going to bed? It’s so nice, and I love relaxing at Kusmi Tea or David’s Tea, trying and discovering new teas. My favourite brew right now: fennel. It might seem strange but it’s worth tasting! Personally, I enjoy it after a meal. I find it delicious and it’s really good for digestion.

beating the winter blues

3. Doing sport

In order to stay in shape, despite the fact that winter means we’re less motivated, it’s important to make an effort … a physical effort.

It’s essential for our wellbeing and it’s very energizing. The hardest part is motivating yourself to go. Nonetheless, once you’re there, how wonderful to be warm (for indoor sports), to give it your all and to leave with the satisfaction of having accomplished your mission: taking care of yourself.

Personally, I go to a gym, where I adapt my personal training sessions to that day’s energy level or to my goals, and where I love to go to yoga class to work my muscles, re-centre myself and relieve my anxiety. I also love running, since it’s possible to do it year-round, outside in the summer and inside in the winter. If you’re a beginner, here are a few tips for starting to run. As an added bonus, I like swimming in anticipation of my surfing trips. It keeps my arm/shoulder/back muscles in shape and I love the feeling of doing water sports.

The possibilities are endless. It’s up to you to find what works for you. There are also a variety of outdoor sports that you can do. In my opinion, the indispensable one is cross-country skiing. It’s hyper physical and will give you thighs and buns of steel for the coming summer (yes, yes, it’ll be back!)

Whatever the case may be, I always have a little sports bag with me, with a lock, leggings, a sports top and running shoes inside, so that I can improvise a little session whenever I feel the energy. This way: there’s no excuse! 🙂

beating the winter blues

4. Planning your next trip

I love picturing myself in the sun, by booking a trip with my friends, doing sports regularly to be in shape for my vacation (I like sporty ones), and eating well to watch my weight just a little.

5. Going out

During the day, I go out, wrapped warmly in my coat, even if it’s just to take a quick walk around the block, finding some errand to run, just to get some fresh air. I go out in the evening to visit friends, socialize, have fun while enjoying one (or several) glasses of wine or watch movies while pigging out on popcorn. To sum up, those days when the blues hit, it’s sometimes okay to want to stay alone at home, but it’s always more enjoyable to force yourself to go out a bit.

I hope these tips help you spend an easier, gentler winter! 🙂

beating the winter blues
Maryne Guillon

Maryne is the creator of the blog The DreamCatcheuse, which has been online since 2012 and uses sincerity and humour to talk about travel, fashion, sports adventures and little pieces of life.

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