Top 5 Ways to Incorporate Essential Oils into Your Home

Peppermint, lavender, and fresh citrus fruit … these 3 smells are likely ones that you’ve experienced in your lifetime.
Whether it was crushing peppermint leaves to make a mojito, passing by a field of lavender, or squeezing fresh lemon into your water—you’ve experienced the powerful effects of essential oils and you may not have even known it!

Top 5 Ways to Incorporate Essential Oils into Your Home

Essential oils are pure aromatic compounds that come from plant matter. They are 100% natural (as opposed to synthetically created fragrances), and when the plants are grown in their natural habitat, essential oils are very powerful and therapeutic.

As a Holistic Health Coach & Nutritionist, I’ve been using them in my life for many years to assist with a variety of ailments. Everything from sleep, to stress, post-workout recovery, detoxification, air purification, immune support and so much more.It’s hard to imagine LBO (life before oils!) at this point, because they have the ability to make a profound impact on your life and in your home!

To help you ditch the conventional products that could be harmful to your health and begin integrating essential oils, I’m going to share with you today the top 5 ways to incorporate essential oils into your home.

essential oils into your home
Tip # 1
Get yourself a diffuser!

Diffusers use a base of water to disperse essential oils into a room. It’s an incredible way to experience your oils aromatically and to make any room smell great.

Diffusers come in a variety of shapes, sizes and price ranges. Just make sure your diffuser covers at least 300+ square feet.

Some of my favourite diffuser blends include: cypress + wild orange and bergamot + lime.

Tip # 2
Leave a bottle of peppermint beside your bed.

I could talk for days about all of the ways I use peppermint on a daily basis, but perhaps the most impactful way is to use it first thing in the morning.

Once your alarm goes off, grab your peppermint and add 1 drop to the palm of your hands. Rub together and cup your nose to inhale deeply.

Instant energy bomb. Enjoy.

Tip # 3
Make a DIY room spray.

Aerosol cans filled with air fresheners are extremely hard on our lungs when we inhale them. I suggest ditching them all together and opting instead for a DIY room spray that consists simply of water + essential oils in a small spray bottle.

I like to keep them in our bedroom, bathroom and living space to uplift the vibe of any room!

essential oils into your home
Tip # 4
Add oils to your kitchen pantry.

Gone are the days of wilted spices in your fridge when you’ve got herbaceous oils on hand! Keep Thyme and Cardamom handy instead of using the dried version, and add a drop of lemon to your glass of water! Ensure that your brand of oils is certified for internal use. Not all brands are.

Tip # 5
Keep your oils visible!

When you tuck away your oils into a drawer, you are likely to forget about them!

In our home, we keep lavender beside the bed, grapefruit beside the water jug, peppermint in our gym bags and sore muscle blends near the bathtub to use with Epsom salts!

So there you have it – 5 tips to get those oils in action so that you can experience the beautiful benefits of living naturally.

To learn more about oils, contact Kelsey.

essential oils into your home
Kelsey Reidl

Kelsey Reidl is a Holistic Nutritionist, Health Strategist, Life Coach, and Essential Oils Educator with doTERRA. Her mission is to live from and teach from her highest state of health, and she shares this message with her community in her weekly podcast called Visionary Life.

Click here to learn more about Kelsey’s journey.

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essential oils into your home
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