Toronto's Lolë White Yoga Session 2013

Under a perfect summer rain shower, over 2,000 people dressed in white participated in Toronto’s largest outdoor yoga session, in a powerful presentation of peace and unity.


The Lolë White Yoga Tour made its first Canadian stop of 2013 at the city’s Fort York National Historic Site.  Toronto’s stunning skyline provided the perfect backdrop for a session that took place during the weekend of the summer solstice, a time that is considered auspicious worldwide.


Leading the session was Toronto’s own Grace Dubery.  “I am honoured to have been a part of the Lolë White Yoga Tour,” says Grace. “This collaborative movement brings people together in such a unique and memorable way and to have the opportunity to lead thousands of people at one time was incredibly special.”


As an extension of Lolë’s community involvement, this session supported the Harbourfront Community Centre (HCC).  Donations were accepted at the event and online with all proceeds helping the HCC to offer free yoga, Pilates and Zumba classes in the city.


Check out all the pictures of the event on the Lolë Women fan page and if you were there be sure to tag yourself! Also follow the buzz by tuning into #lolewhite and keep on passing a message a peace.


We are eager to see you in Montreal and Paris for more Lolë White Tour sessions!