Under an Eternal Sky

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We celebrate the joy of living life to the fullest with Lolë | “Under an Eternal Sky,” our short film shot in San Francisco, the epicenter of well-being. The city where the roads to social change and personal transformation converge. The city that bridges North American, European and Asian cultures. At Lolë, we believe that love—and loving what you do—really does make the world go ‘round. After you watch this inspiring video, we invite you join hands with us as we reach out to better the lives of others. Share how you live life to the fullest on our Facebook page and Lolë will donate $10 to Kiva.org, a non-profit organization that connects—and empowers—people to alleviate poverty through a worldwide network of microloans. So share how you Live—and Love—Out Loud Everyday. It will do a world of good.


Director’s notes:


This film is an expression of all our hard work and what we all believe in: Love Life
And Life will Love You Back. Capturing this, the true spirit of Lolë was a dream that required not only the right people, but also the right place.


We knew San Francisco was the perfect city to marry urban life with nature. Showing women in harmony with their environment, finding moments of
solace and serenity in the big city was an important element to express what Lolë is all about. All the great social revolutions come from California, today some of the best yoga being taught around the globe is practiced right here on the west coast. When my AD, Holden, and I finally stepped off the plane at SFO to begin scouting, it was like coming home.


It was obvious we needed to cast real women for the film and we were adamant that they had to be extra ‘ordinary’ women. We wanted real athletes, real yogis. When I met Dina Amsterdam, I instantly knew she was perfect for one of the roles in the Eternal Sky film. She arrived at the fittings with so much cheer and laughter that I immediately forgot about my jetlag. I tried her Yin Class at the Yoga Tree in the Mission and knew her spirit and experience would bring genuine integrity to the Eternal Sky Film.


A couple hours later, Janessa Wells arrived to the casting. She had a California look, and was an accomplished athlete and yogi. I loved her determination and generosity and these were values I wanted to convey in the film. As Janessa tried on the clothes, my AD’s eyes, nearly fell out of his head. Unknowingly, she was already inspiring someone to love out loud… !


Together, Dina and Janessa and all the other yogis on set, brought a very powerful energy that illustrates the authenticity of the project.


Another major aspect of the Eternal Sky project is Natural Light. As a photojournalist, I am a lover of natural light and felt that by shooting the film with the Canon mark 5d, we could get the feeling of film and also that beautiful texture of sunlight over everything. However after two months of scouting in the infamous San Francisco fog, we began to. But lo’ and behold, on the first day of shooting, we woke up to a bright Sun Francisco. I knew there was a God for filmmakers. The entire week we shot the film we were blessed with glorious sunshine.



Thank you’s

Philippe Bigot, cameraman; Steve Davis, composer & acoustic guitar player and cook; Mark who rode through the Californian landscapes on his Harley Davidson with Janessa on the back.; Molly Hoopes for running around the city; Elizabeth Fox; Tim at the Yoga Tree; all the people behind the scenes, and our Lolë family.


Debra Kellner