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We all share the same vague feeling of confusion when choosing between different types of yoga mats. What’s the best way to pick the one that suits our needs and lifestyle? Reading the three following profiles will not only make you smile but the descriptions of the features and attributes of the GLOW, AIR and POSE collection will help you choose the right mat.

“After some time practicing, it is worth investing in a durable mat, one that doesn’t need to be tossed away after a while. It’s a sacred and personal piece of real estate, where we get to move, breathe and be free. We must love it.” — Grace Dubery, ambassador


GLOW (6mm)

The versatile one
“Ready to roll out for all occasions and under any conditions.”

You live in the present moment and follow your instincts. The days go by in succession, but each day is unique. You feel comfortable in your own skin, and you don’t put much stock in other people’s opinions. You are receptive to change and are always discovering new, peace-fostering places. These places speak to you and truly envelop you. You never hesitate to roll out your mat, no matter what.

You love it because… the GLOW mat is reversible. You pick which side to use based on the ground and, as a result, the mat stays clean longer. It is comfortable, and its technical performance is excellent. The mat is the incarnation of LOLË’s iconography: the recognizable yellow and grey mat that brings to mind the very first LOLË White Tour.


AIR (5mm)

The one that likes to roam
“Me and my mat go everywhere together.”

You go everywhere on foot. You ride your bike to work each morning, even in winter. Your commute includes crossing a bridge, traveling on a dirt road, navigating two construction detours and tackling a 45-degree incline. Once at the office, you choose to take the stairs… all 12 flights of them. Even though you’re in the best shape of your life, you need to travel light. You need a yoga mat that’s as light as possible.

You love it because… the AIR mat is 30% lighter than its counterparts. It is perforated to provide better aeration. It features an eyelet so it can be hung up to dry. It is 5 mm thick, which strikes an ideal balance and maintaining comfort.

“A light mat can also be used as a second layer, on top of another mat – in the event you rent one with more cushion at a studio or abroad. It’s always nice to have something that’s yours, personal, and that you’re accustomed to that you can use everywhere” — Grace Dubery, ambassador

“Light, good quality yoga mats are so rare yet so necessary! As an independent yoga teacher, I often teach private and corporate classes in several locations during any given week, and a light yoga mat allows me to bring it wherever I go without wreaking havoc on my shoulders” – Dawn Mauricio, ambassador


POSE (7mm)

The one to cozy up with
“One needs a modicum of comfort to make virtue a practice.”

Undaunted, you follow your gang regardless of the probable and improbable activities it engages in. But one thing is certain; you don’t skimp when it comes to comfort. Faced with a choice, you opt for soft or ergonomic equipment. You want a yoga mat that welcomes and envelops you. You love the pliability and adherence that a thicker mat offers.

You love it because… the POSE mat is the thickest on the market. Its design includes a double-thick core covered by a soft membrane. Its fancy print styling gives it a bold and confident look. Despite its thickness, the mat isn’t any heavier than other mats, because TPE is a very light material.

“There is something grounding about a thicker mat. I like to have mine laid out at home, for my daily practice. It doesn’t move, and it feels deeply like home. It’s years old, and my hands and feet have left their mark. It’s a very familiar and comfortable place to come to. Everyone should have one.” — Grace Dubery, ambassador

“Over the years I began to appreciate extra cushioning for my wrists and knees. In the past, I’ve had to carry towels or blankets with me when my yoga mat was not thick, but now I just opt for buying a thick yoga mat.”  – Dawn Mauricio, ambassador

“A practice that requires greater movement, range of motion, and impact may benefit from a thicker mat. A mat with great dexterity may also benefit hot, vinyasa, or ashtanga vinyasa practices.” — Grace Dubery, ambassador

5 minute daily maintenance  
1. Spray with clean water
2. Clean with mild soap
3. Wipe with a dry cloth

You can also use this Yoga mat cleaner spray


What is TPE that is part of many yoga mats?

This material gives off very little odor and offers terrific adherence and grip. Moreover, it is recyclable, which means your old mat can be reincarnated. In this fashion, it supports the eco-responsible production market.

By Jacinthe De Guire

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