Valentine’s Day: a self-love note for you

Whether you’re in a relationship or not, Valentine’s Day can bring up a lot of mixed emotions. We expect to receive, or are expected to give, tokens of love to another based on what we’ve seen in movies, read in magazines, or heard from friends.

In fact, a lot of our mixed emotions about this holiday are caused by our belief that personal happiness lies outside of ourselves — in objects, achievements, or another person. The truth is, love doesn’t come from somewhere outside of ourselves, to be received only if we’ve been good, but it’s in us all along. We’ve just forgotten and need to be reminded. Practices like Loving-Kindness meditation help us see this more clearly.

The more we’re able to see this and love ourselves wholly and fully, including really and truly loving our faults, the more we can be present, available, and equally loving to everyone around us. Imagine that: being able to make everyone feel seen and heard simply because you love yourself enough. Now that’s a token of love worth giving every day of the year.

Although tokens of love are a beautiful way to express one’s feelings, they needn’t be reserved for a specific day of the year, nor for another person.


-Dawn Mauricio

Love the Many Sides of Yourself



Dawn Mauricio

Dawn has been the official Lolë White Tour teacher for the Montreal event for the last three years and will lead yogis in an amusing, dynamic and centred yoga session. She’ll guide us through a series of postures and meditative movements designed to inspire peace in one’s body, spirit and heart. With 10 years’ experience as a full-time teacher and more than 1000 hours of yoga training, Dawn will bring her spirit of generosity and gratitude to this unique moment.

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