Something important is happening in Canada right now. A small group of young people are not only trying to change how Canadians give to charities through their online channels, they’re working hard to convince Canadians who don’t give on a regular basis to kick the tires on their new crowdfunding platform, Weeve.


Crowdfunding (fundraising through a network of people and individual donations) has become a popular way for non-profit organizations to raise money and direct funds to specific campaigns and special projects. Online platforms like Kickstarter in the United States and the International Indigogo platform allow non-profits as well as start-ups and entrepreneurs to raise the funds they need to launch their business or product. For a small transaction fee, the platform allows you to host a fundraiser.


Weeve.it is slightly different from the other crowdfunding platforms out there and what makes it different is also what makes it remarkable. While other platforms charge a transaction fee, Weeve waives the fee, making sure 100% of every dollar raised is donated to its non-profit projects.


What’s also remarkable about Weeve is the average age of its founders. CEO Alex Chuang, CTO Vincent Chu, and COO Trevor Loke are all under the age of 24 which means Weeve is the brainchild of a millennial team of leaders. They’ve prioritized transparency (as a non-profit with a project on Weeve or as a donor, you know exactly how many donations have come through), efficiency (you can either set up a profile on Weeve or skip to the donation process) and opportunities for outreach (goal-setting, email updates and opportunities to thank your donors.)


According to founder Alex Chuang, “individual giving in Canada peaked in 1991 when 30% of Canadians gave to charities. Today, that number hovers around 23%.” This means Canadians have hit an all-time low in their gift giving to charities across the country. Hard work lies ahead for the Weeve team as they work to make your online giving experience as easy and rewarding as possible.


Weeve is still in the beta stage, which means its developers are closely watching the needs of the four charities and their donors who are part of the launch. While each of the charities is based in British Columbia, Weeve could eventually make its way across the country. Meantime, the Weeve team is slowly but surely building buzz around its launch including online mentions in places like TechVibes.


My hope is that Canadians will discover the potential behind Weeve and its founding team. This young group of philanthropists who followed through on its epic vision of crowdfunding in Canada is a testament to the leadership and winning attitude the upcoming generation has as its vision for the world.


Visit Weeve and explore the four charities that are currently running a campaign: BC Children’s Hospital, the Shark Truth Society, YouthCo, and Seva Canada. Kick the tires on this tool, make an online donation, and feel free to reach out to the creators with your feedback and kudos.

After all, we need to keep fanning the flame that burns in the hearts and heads of Canada’s young leaders-turned-philanthropists in training.

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