What is a Holistic Diet?

Let’s face it: we’re all looking for the next best thing to help us get healthy — or “healthier”. The truth is, deep down, we know that all of those “quick fixes”, whether it be in the form of a detox tea, a slimming pill, or a miracle tonic, probably won’t work, at least not in a way that’s sustainable and kind towards our bodies. The key to success is taking a holistic approach to our diet.

But wait! Before you roll your eyes and move on — listen up: holistic health doesn’t have to mean following all that funky “granola” stuff you may not believe in, or simply don’t have time for.

Holistic health is really just an approach to life taking into consideration all aspects of what makes us healthy, happy, and successful — whatever that success looks like for YOU.

For me, that meant truly enjoying my food — planning it, prepping it, eating it, sharing it with others, etc.

Take delicious ingredients from your local grocer, turn them into healing foods — for the mind, body, and soul — and you’ve got yourself a recipe for success. Sounds simple enough, right? I get it. Sometimes “eating beautiful” can seem more difficult and intimidating than it needs to be. How do I know this? I’m on Instagram too! All of those beautiful smoothie bowls, those flawless green shakes, those perfect-looking raw balls… you might want to get your hands on those delicious edibles, but actually preparing them is a whole other story.

I’m about to ask you to put your hesitation aside. You are capable, and what’s more: you are worthy.

Let’s get started with a simple tutorial example…

Presenting the Anti-Inflammation Tropics Bowl

This little bowl of heaven is something that will keep your immune system operating in high gear — perfect for this time of the year. Moreover, it will bring a little piece of the tropics into your kitchen… smack dab in the middle of winter, right when we need it!

See the recipe
Nutritional benefits

Diving a little deeper into the nutritional benefits: this “Instagrammable” masterpiece uses winter squash as the base instead of a classic sugary base such as bananas. Kabocha squash, besides having less sugar than bananas, offers the added benefit of being rich in beta-carotene (Vitamin A). Turmeric, ginger, and cinnamon are anti-inflammatory (hence the name) and provide a helpful boost to our immune system, alongside a flavourful punch for enjoying this special treat! Note that the recipe calls for a tablespoon of ground psyllium seed husk — it’s high in fibre, and will help “bulk up” our smoothie bowl so that a desirable ice cream-like consistency is achieved. Plus it’s a cheap and easy-to-find ingredient, at your local health or bulk food store.

Lastly, don’t forget to top that smoothie! Goji berries and coconut flakes are not only nutritional powerhouses (and aesthetically pleasing additions), they remind us to chew, activating our digestive enzymes (chewing sends signals to the brain telling it we are eating) and thus helping everything to go down a lot nicer.

Remember a holistic diet takes into account not only what you eat, but also HOW you eat. Eating mindfully is a key component to allowing for the food to truly nourish your body. So before you indulge, take a deep breath, a moment of gratitude and appreciation for the experience you’re about to scoop your spoon into, and ENJOY! Bonus: eating slowly and mindfully will help to lengthen the time you get to savour each bite… extending each and every blissful moment.


Fancy more holistic recipes, meal plans, and guides to be the best version of you?

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Kiki Athanassoulias

Kiki Athanassoulias is a Rotman Commerce graduate from Toronto, and a current fellow in the entrepreneurial non-profit organization, Venture for Canada. She joined Meal Garden — a health-focused meal planning startup, as it was a perfect fit to her strong passion for food and nutrition, complimented by her business background and entrepreneurial training. Today, she acts as Marketing Director, and her goal is to pay it forward by genuinely helping Meal Garden users succeed in living nutritious and well-balanced lives! In her free time, Kiki enjoys practicing yoga and writing for her blog, Mindfully Edible.

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