What to do with your old yoga mat

Tapis yoga_montage

  1. Give it to charity
    1. Bent on Learning (USA) : http://bentonlearning.org
    2. Yoga Foster (USA) : yogafoster.org
    3. Donate it to homeless shelters as sleeping pads.
    4. Drop off your old mat at an animal rescue shelter. Most of these places need soft, durable mats, rugs, towels, & blankets to line crates.


  1. Reuse it
    1. Use it as a kneeling pad when you’re working in the garden.
    2. Cut it up into new mouse pads.
    3. Cut it into small circles and use them under furniture to keep it from scratching the floor or sliding around.
    4. Cut them into floor mats for the car.
    5. Use as a ground cloth for camping — under your tent or under your sleeping bag.
    6. Use as a picnic blanket.


  1. Recycle it
    1. If your mat is made with TPE, it is recyclable, which means your old mat can be reincarnated.


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