White Yoga Session (English)

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This past Saturday morning over 2000 people of all ages dressed in white outfits and made their way to Montreal’s Esplanade Financière Sun Life at the foot of the Olympic Stadium for a very special occasion: Lolë’s White Yoga Session 2012.


Spotting the city with the color of hope, the crowd arrived on location to unroll a yoga mat and dedicate a full practice to PEACE. The session was lead by Lyne St-Roch, a Lolë friend and ambassador and as Lyne mentioned, it was an incredible journey. The energy at the Esplanade was so powerful during the White Yoga Session that it moved many to tears.


“Harmony” is truly the perfect description for what went on during Saturday’s session. The sight of so many people coming together and harmoniously moving in unison to the flow of such positive energy, reminded us all that collective action can make a difference and inspire change.


The White Yoga Session was the culmination of our efforts and all the things we do every day at Lolë. It reflected our brand’s philosophy of fostering well-being and harmony.


Staging a project of this scale was a dream and it took passionate and dedicated people to make it happen. We owe a huge “thanks” to our partners, especially Sports Expert and Châtelaine. Another to M’Michele and her band for their magical music. A distinct namaste also to the over fifty volunteers who contributed their time and expertise to this wonderful cause.  Most importantly, a special thanks to all of you who came and made this dream come true!


The powerful image of hundreds of bodies moving in unison, sending waves of peace from within a sea of white, will be etched in our collective memories for a long time to come. We know it was unforgettable for the Lolë team and now we are left waiting on the date of the next White Yoga Session coming in 2013 to… Toronto!


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