Women’s Wednesday Series: mindfully, Elena.

Elena Brower in Lotus pose


Elena Brower’s wellness journey began in 1998, when she left the world of textile and apparel design to become a yoga instructor. It has been a fruitful road thus far. She has opened a studio, co-authored the book Art of Attention, and deepened her practice. Today, she is an internationally renowned influencer in holistic wellness and has been featured in the New York Times, Yoga Journal, ABC News and NBC News.


Her teaching is influenced by several traditions including alignment-based Hatha and Kundalini yoga. Her classes are a seamless combination of alignment and attention cues for body, mind and heart.


While Elena firmly believes in shifting awareness within the smallest individual interaction, she has lead large group practices all over the world, including Paris, Burning Man, and the Lolë White Tour 2013 in Salt Lake City.


“The shared space is a wondrous way to create the conditions for deeper listening. I’ve found that in those large groups, there is a deeper silence that everyone can experience in their own hearts.” –Says Elena.


Well… we’ve felt it, and it’s true. We love practicing with her, so we ‘ve invited Elena Brower once more this year to lead a session of the Lolë White Tour 2014 in New York City’s MoMA, on May 22nd.


If you don’t want wait until then for your Brower-dose, we suggest Elena’s +Huffington Post column, or better yet, her Mindful Smacks! A series of brief videos found on Elena’s blog, where she offers helpful and inspirational yogic wisdom, such as this:


“ Meditation helps me to respond with elegance instead of react… It helps me be less afraid and more real. ”


Despite her popularity, Elena remains rooted and humble. Her elegance and wisdom are a source of admiration to us and have inspired the design of three styles of the WHITE BY LOLË collection.


Elena Brower continues to teach us about the importance of a dedicated yoga practice:


“Our yoga practice gives us feelings of clarity, kindness and awareness, yet we struggle to consistently cultivate those qualities in our daily interactions… If we truly wish to live our practice, we have to cultivate its values everywhere in our lives.”


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