annie langlois and her little girl

Women’s Wednesday Series: Virtually Moved

annie langlois and her little girl


Have you met Annie Langlois?

Ask this question in the late 90s and you’d get a “yes! The fashion marketer?”

Fast forward a few years later it would have been an “of course! Annie, the beautiful model!” and a bit later… “I love working with her, she’s may favourite stylist! Have you seen her work in that Oliver Stone film?”


So how does Annie come to the world of yoga?


It’s a love story.


In 2005, Annie met Yantsi, who became became her yoga-muse and her partner in both life and business. After a difficult loss, the couple found hope and healing their practice. They slowly regained strength and finally set in motion the project they had dreamed of for a very long time: establishing a wellness retreat where one can find everything required for living and healing in yoga. And what better place for such a dream location than “everywhere”?


Today Annie is the happy mommy of Shaya and co-owner of this ever growing, beautiful platform that nurture’s a community of happiness bearers in the world. She took a few mins off her busy schedule to share some insights with us. We hope you find  these tips useful and inspiring! When you are ready for more Annie and lots more yoga, log on to -open 24/7, all over the planet.


How do you set your goals?

I have two boards; one is a photo board filled with visions of my future projects, and the other is dedicated to my values and acts as a constant reminder to always respect my values as I reach for my goals.


Can you identify 3 qualities that are key to your success?

1) Doing everything with love

2) Believing in yourself

3) Having fun doing what you do (meaning everyday)


What is the best advice you’ve ever gotten?

Always look at the bright side of things!


Do you have a saying or motto that you live your life by?

Live inspired! Believe you can!


Who is the most inspiring woman you know?

Oprah! For all she has accomplished and continues to accomplish. For making a difference.

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