Work your Love Muscle

fun balls

photo from Fun Factory


Have you been exercising your pelvic floor muscles?  I hope so.  It is one sexy exercise.


The pelvic floor muscles stretch all along your genital region, from the very front (the pubic bone) to the very back (the tail bone). They are present in both males and females and strengthening these muscles has positive benefits for everyone.  Strong, healthy pelvic floor muscles mean good bladder and bowel control. These muscles help during vaginal childbirth and recovery.  There are lots of sexy benefits too.  People with strong pelvic floor muscles have stronger orgasms.  They likely have more orgasms and more control over their orgasms.  There is some evidence to suggest that pelvic floor exercises (also known as Kegel exercises) help men with erectile dysfunction get more erections. Exercising the pelvic floor muscles brings blood flow to your genital area which is one of the key elements of arousal.  So just doing these exercises might make you feel aroused.  Take that hot yoga!  Who’s the hottest exercise now?


By now I am guessing you want to start Kegeling as soon as possible.  The good news is you can do them right now while you are reading this article and no one will know!  You can flex your pelvic floor muscles for most of the day without anyone being able to tell what you are doing.  It’s a super secret sexy exercise. Here is how you do it:


1. Think of the muscle you use when you need to stop yourself from peeing.
2. Clench that muscle.
3. Count to 5.
4. Release that muscle.
5. You did it!


As with any form of exercise you will need to repeat this one more than once to achieve results.  Doing these in repetition is a great idea and in fact you will likely want to do sets of repetitions. You can do many variations on this exercise as well.  You could clench and release your muscles as many times as possible while counting to ten.  You could clench your muscles for 10 seconds and then release.  You can bear down on your muscles (gently, not to the point of straining) as if you were pushing them out rather than pulling them in.  Choose a different variation for each set you do and you will be sure to cover all your bases!


Ready for advanced Kegeling?  The ladies can buy vaginal weights to increase the resistance during their exercises.  Two great options are Smartballs,  pictured above, from Fun Factory and Betty’s Barbell.  Men who are able to get erections can get extra resistance by draping something light, like a washcloth, over their erect penis and moving it up and down with each clenching motion.


Whether you are a hard core kegeler or just out for some light pelvic floor exercise this is one easy habit that will have great benefits for your health and your orgasms.  Who doesn’t love that?