Yellow Label Program

You know that coat in the back of your closet that has such sentimental value… the old one you’ve kept in good shape, yet you dare neither use, nor give away? It’s time to let it go.

Actually, it’s time to let it move on. Give your pre-loved coat a second life.

The season of giving has started in October for us. In fact, we believe in giving all year round. We are committed to giving the best to ourselves, to others and to the world. The Lolë Yellow Label program is our way of inviting you to join and honouring your commitment.

This is what we call consumption with a heart.

Yellow Label Program

Our mission

Promoting sustainable consumption in both craft and community, Lolë`s Yellow Label program is a testament to our belief that wellness is universal. The event transforms overconsumption into responsible action and shares the message that quality reigns over quantity.

Program details

Bring any preloved jacket to your nearest Lolë store from October 11th to November 11th, 2018.

We’ll professionally dry-clean your jacket and resell it at a pop-up store.

All proceeds generated from the sale will be donated to local food banks.

In exchange for your time, energy and commitment to helping out your local community, you’ll receive a $50 promo card to be used on your next Lolë coat purchase*. An item built for wear, which we know you’ll keep for a lifetime!

More details:

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