Yellow Label Program

Donate a pre-loved jacket to the Lolë Yellow Label program and promote responsible consumption.
This program is part of Lolë’s commitment to reducing overconsumption by creating versatile, durable clothing.

Program details

Donate a jacket

Bring one of your pre-loved jackets to a Lolë Atelier or Lolë Friends Store between October 17 and November 25, 2016.

Give it a second life

The Lolë Yellow Label Program will give your jacket a second life by reselling it on


Share the love

Lolë will donate all Canadian proceeds from the Lolë Yellow Label Program to selected food banks that share our philosophy helping people in need through responsible consumption.

Lolë will donate all pre-loved coats that didn’t sell to local charities, so they can still keep giving warmth to those in need. No effort is wasted!

More details:



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