Yoga: Energy Poses—Part 1

Fight the winter blues by adding a short yoga practice to your schedule! These poses are ideal for waking up in the morning or when you feel a drop in energy during the day. We have selected several variations of moves targeting the extension of the spine, because in addition to reinforcing the back muscles, they open the heart and thus increase your level of attention.

1. The Reverse Warrior


  • Tone the leg muscles;
  • Open the hips;
  • Stretch the sides.

Tips and tricks:
Bend the knee at a 90 degree angle above the ankle, tightening the back leg. Try to make the letter C with your spine and feel the stretch from the hip to the tip of your little finger.

2. The Joyful Pose


  • Stretch the chest and abdomen;
  • Strengthen the shoulders;
  • Tone the back and gluteus.

Tips and tricks:
Engage the gluteus to protect the back, turn to the sky and breathe deeply, focusing in the area of the rib cage.

3. The Inverted Table


  • Strengthen the posterior chain (back, gluteus, hamstrings);
  • Release the tension in the hip flexors.

Tips and tricks:
Anchor yourself by pressing the feet and hands into the ground. Try to bring the hips to the same height as the knees and to lengthen the neck in the extension of the spine.

4. The Siren


  • Open the hips;
  • Stretch the chest, abdomen and psoas;
  • Improve the extension of the spine.

Tips and tricks:
You can keep the rear leg extended and place the hands on the ground, especially if the knees are sensitive. Maintain abdominal engagement to support the back and to raise the chest as far as possible from the pelvis.

5. The Grasshopper


  • Strengthen the back and leg muscles;
  • Stretch the front of the body.

Tips and tricks:
Lock your eyes on a spot on the ground to keep the neck elongated. Be sure to keep the legs tight and bring the navel close to the spine.

Eve’s style

Eve Guilbert

Yoga teacher at Wanderlust and Énergie Cardio, Lolë ambassador for three years

I discovered yoga in 2008. Having done ballet from childhood to adolescence, I found in yoga the same benefits that dance brought me, and even more. In 2009, I started teaching different styles to group classes in fitness centres. This experience was very rewarding to me because, among other things, it helped develop my confidence. Meanwhile, my passion for yoga has grown steadily. Last year, I made the best decision of my life, which was to follow the Wanderlust teacher training. What I want more than anything is to continue to learn and to help students through the practice of yoga.


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