Yoga for Runners

This short routine’s goal is to support your running training activities in order to increase your performance and counter the side effects of repetitive movements. These poses have been specially selected to stretch the muscle groups that are most solicited while running. It is safe to perform this series after your run or on your rest days. Take three to five deep breaths per asana (pose!).

The warrior 3


  • Stretches the back of the thighs
  • Engages the stabilizer muscles
  • Strengthens the back muscles

High lunge


  • Stretches the psoas, the quadriceps and the hips flexors
  • Tones the lower body
  • Engages the abdominal belt

The triangle


• Engages the obliques
• Stretches the hamstrings
• Gently opens the hips

Spine torsion


• Stretches the band
• Improves digestion
• Relives back pain

The pigeon


• Opens the hips
• Stretches the gluteus maximus
• Relaxes the nervous system

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Eve Guilbert

Yoga teacher at Wanderlust and Énergie Cardio, Lolë ambassador for three years

I discovered yoga in 2008. Having done ballet from childhood to adolescence, I found in yoga the same benefits that dance brought me, and even more. In 2009, I started teaching different styles to group classes in fitness centres. This experience was very rewarding to me because, among other things, it helped develop my confidence. Meanwhile, my passion for yoga has grown steadily. Last year, I made the best decision of my life, which was to follow the Wanderlust teacher training. What I want more than anything is to continue to learn and to help students through the practice of yoga.

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