Yoga makes a comeback? I didn’t know it needed one


I’m usually not surprised by what I see in the new-year fitness trends lists, but something caught my attention in the one that recently came out from the American Council on Exercise (ACE).


It was this: ACE says an emerging trend for 2013 is “the resurgence of yoga.


Really? I didn’t know yoga had fallen out of favor enough to create a resurgence. It still looks pretty popular to me. ACE explains it as a growing trend toward “no-frills” fitness, such as high-intensity interval training, boot camps, and yoga.


Perhaps what ACE means by “no-frills” yoga is that you don’t need a lot of equipment and gadgets to make it work. Grab a yoga mat and maybe a block or bolster and you’re ready to go (although I’d add to that my Lole Vinyasa Capris – a yoga-gear essential).


In some ways, there seems to be more “frills” with yoga than in the past. For example, when yoga first emerged as a trend in the fitness industry more than a decade ago, there were fewer styles to choose from, at least in the gym setting.


Now you can pick a relaxing, gentle yoga practice or a more intense power class all from the same studio or gym schedule. It looks like the greater choices available today have helped drive yoga as a continuing – and now regenerating – trend.


“Express” Yoga as a Trend?

Still, I’m curious about how yoga might continue to evolve in the fitness industry.

For example, could “express” yoga classes be on the horizon? I suggest this because people are busy; they want quicker workouts. A lot of exercise classes are now only 30 or 45 minutes. Would yoga ever follow suit? Or does the “express” concept go too much against the “yoga grain”? Is half an hour enough time to focus inward and find yogic fulfillment? I’m not sure, but I’m willing to give it a try because the idea of a shorter class appeals to me.


What do you think? Have you noticed yoga getting even more popular lately? And what about “express” yoga classes? Are they missing the point, or could there be a place for them in the fitness mainstream?


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