Let’s Celebrate International Yoga Day Together at Disneyland Paris

An extraordinary yoga session
in front of Sleeping Beauty’s castle

June 21st,
yoga session from 8 am to 9 am


Disneyland Paris,
in front of Sleeping Beauty’s castle


Dress in white,
symbol of peace

At Lolë, well-being is a lifestyle

And it is this philosophy that inspires us to create innovative and functional clothing that makes you love being active. It is also what motivates us to organize well-being initiatives across the world, such as the huge Lolë White Tour yoga gatherings. Since 2011, over 65,000 of you have joined us for grandiose yoga sessions in mythic locations. From Paris to New York, from Barcelona to Montreal, and passing through Toronto, the Lolë White Tour unites communities throughout the globe around a single collective energy that is dedicated to peace. Relevant and inspiring, our approach is also engaging with a real preoccupation for our products’ quality and their impact on communities.

For Bernard, our CEO, the partnership with Disneyland Paris is natural

« We are proud to partner with Disneyland Paris. Both brands share strong values focused on physical and mental well-being, community and family, innovation, authenticity, without compromising quality. »Bernard, CEO of Lolë

With its new sports and music events, in addition to its attractions and shows, Disneyland Paris offers sporting activities that can contribute to the well-being of employees and guests in line with Lolë’s vision. “For me, Sleeping Beauty’s castle is one of those magical places in our collective imagination, which transforms a yoga session into a unique emotional experience,” said Bernard.

Our yogi Marie-Françoise wanted to be on the podium on June 21st

An English school teacher involved in foundations for education among the underprivileged and certified children’s yogi, Marie-Françoise has always had a passion for teaching and education.

« Our children represent our future; tomorrow they will have the responsibility for our planet and our communities. As yoga professors, we have the opportunity to help them to become wise, caring and generous individuals, able to build a more harmonious society and a better world. »Marie-Françoise, Lolë ambassador

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