Karine’s Butt Toning Cardio Workout

This high intensity workout will tone your butt and thighs without neglecting your abs and your arms! This workout session will get your heart rate up to maximize fat burning while toning your muscles! Are you ready?

Mango "Razzy" Berry fruit smoothie

With the thin wild blueberry coulis top and yogurt-y mango raspberry bottom, it’s full of new tastes and textures with every sip of this frozen fruit smoothie.

Watermelon Float with Lime, Raspberries and Bio-K+

On a hot summer day, this festive, healthful recipe is perfect to hydrate and refresh young and old alike…and to nurture their intestinal flora! Lay in some stores of frozen watermelon – it’s sure to become a household favourite!

Yoga for Runners

This short routine’s goal is to support your running training activities in order to increase your performance and counter the side effects of repetitive movements.

Looks for Work: July

Each month, we will feature 3 perfect styles for work. These looks are both elegant and comfortable for July.